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Today we are celebrating the highlights of the past year. Unfortunately, many others don't have any reason to celebrate: because war is still raging in Ukraine. Many people already had to leave their home country.

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Support Ukranian refugees in Vienna!

With your donation for the BRAVE BAG you support the charity organisation Domivka. Founded by Liudmyla Kryzhanovska and Natalia Gricovkanics, this initiative helps mothers, who have fled from Ukraine with their children, to actively cope with the horrors of war and assists them with their search for jobs. In German classes they teach the language skills necessary to settle in Austria. Further there are playrooms so that mothers and children can spend time together at the organisation when for instance the adults take part in one of the workshops.


Do good, look BRAVER.

"Be helpful, be LWND" the LWND Manifesto says. Therefore we wanted to use today's CCA Gala to help people in Austria that have fled from Ukraine. So we put our heads together with Tate Agency, whose CEO & Founder Anastasia Sobova has Ukrainian roots herself, and together we came up with the BRAVE BAG, true to the motto "Be brave like Ukraine".

A 100% of the donations for the BRAVE BAG go to Domivka, offering an easy way to do good and look BRAVER.

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